Lawsuit alleges widespread intimate misconduct at San Bernardino district general public Defendera€™s Office
Lawsuit alleges widespread intimate misconduct at San Bernardino district general public Defendera€™s Office
Lawsuit alleges widespread intimate misconduct at San Bernardino district general public Defendera€™s Office

Top control perpetuated an 'Animal quarters' frat party ambiance at the office, which acts indigent consumers experiencing unlawful costs

Four staff members on San Bernardino district people Defendera€™s Office have filed a lawsuit alleging a longstanding heritage of intimate harassment and misconduct by top administration on the job, where they insist complaints decrease on deaf ears.

The suit, filed tuesday, Nov. 5, in lime County Superior Court, names the region and former general public Defender Gregory Christopher a€?Chrisa€? Gardner as defendants. And while maybe not known defendants, accusations of intimate harassment and misconduct in addition comprise lodged against different leading officials at the office, such as head Deputy Public Defenders Jennie Cannady and Geoffrey Canty and Supervising Deputy people Defenders Mark Shoup and Richard LaFianza.

Gardner, according to the lawsuit, made use of his position as general public defender to regulate operate projects for several feminine employees a€?as a subterfuge to have gender from feminine subordinates.a€? The guy presumably continued an extramarital affair with investigator Stacy Thacker, who claims she ended up being coerced to the relationship.

Gardner got Thacker to a seminar, at taxpayersa€™ costs, where the guy plied the girl with liquor and a€?took the lady to a college accommodation a€¦ to indulge himself intimately along with her,a€? the suit claims. When Thacker denied Gardnera€™s advances, facts presumably have aggressive.

Gardner, the suit states, additionally produced harmful telephone calls to their and chased her onto a freeway, swerving into the lady lane and cutting this lady down, when she endangered to reveal the affair to his wife.

Tried to stop partnership

Thacker mentioned she made attempts to end the relationship, and even recorded an authorities document against Gardner after he persisted bothering this lady and allegedly injured the girl supply, attracting bloodstream, during a heated argument in Newport coastline. She believes Gardner utilized his position of capacity to quash the lady problem and possible unlawful fees.

a€?Regularly, I would personally inquire your to go out of me personally by yourself in which he would say yes to end the pursuance for the passionate conclusion of it, and then he would keep returning around with tying us to run tasks that fundamentally helped me report back again to your for everything,a€? Thacker stated during a news meeting Monday on Woodland slopes company of the lady attorneys, Brad Gage. a€?I attemptedto transfer. We experimented with get more opportunities. I was performing every thing to get out associated with the circumstance, and it never ever did actually visited an end before the day I reported they.a€?

She stated she eventually reported the harassment to Assistant people Defender Rasheed Alexander.

a€?This are an instance which lady did complain, both in the Public Defendera€™s Office as well as to law enforcement, about intimately inappropriate run, sexual attack or simply basic gender harassment,a€? Gage mentioned throughout the information conference. a€?And there were boasts that were maybe not investigated, these people were maybe not given serious attention, therefore the difficulties carried on.a€?

Casting Thacker as an unwilling spouse during the relationship, Gage stated: a€?If your boss will make it known a€?either your sleeping beside me or perhaps you wona€™t has work,a€™ thata€™s a serious complications. Once you get a position near $100,000 a-year, and all of a rapid ita€™s at risk, thata€™s not consent, thata€™s coercion.a€?

Gage stated he recorded the suit in Orange state Superior courtroom considering Thackera€™s alleged assault in Newport Beach in August 2020.

Resigned in December

Gardner abruptly resigned as general public defender in December 2020, and bit got said publicly about their departure apart from that he wanted to manage symbolizing indigent people. He'd served regarding officea€™s elderly management employees for 15 years. At the time, Gardner mentioned the guy remaining work for personal factors. Since March, he has been working within San Bernardino company of an exclusive unlawful defense attorney.

Thomas Sone, who had been helping as interim public defender since Gardnera€™s departure, was designated toward long lasting position in April.

Hit by phone, Gardner decreased to remark, deferring to their attorney, Doug Smith, exactly who didn't reply to requests for review.

Sone couldn't reply to an ask for review, but region spokesman David Wert stated in a statement Monday that the district a€?has no higher priority than supplying a secure, equitable and harassment-free operating ecosystem for all of our own employees.a€?

a€?The state takes accusations of harassment, intimate misconduct, and retaliation most honestly and right away performs full research into any research of misconduct,a€? Wert mentioned. a€?The county features a stronger zero-tolerance policy against office misconduct and retaliation and requires employees to learn and sign the insurance policy upon hiring and as element of all routine work evaluations.a€?